CyberData Corporation, a specialist in peripheral devices for VoIP phone systems, has won the 2019 IP Speaker Award from Singlewire Software in the Outdoor Speaker category for the 011472 InformaCast IP66 Outdoor Horn and the visual alert device, the 011489 InformaCast RGB Outdoor Strobe.

About Singlewire

Singlewire Software develops and supports IP-based voice applications for emergency communication with mass notification capabilities. Singlewire’s software, InformaCast, is a powerful system for emergency mass notification, bi-directional mobile alerting, situational awareness, and workplace optimisation.

About Singlewire IP Speaker Awards

Singlewire held their first annual IP Speaker Awards in 2019, in an effort to help customers find the right solutions for building their mass notification ecosystems. Customers frequently ask for recommendations so Singlewire, working with their partners, invited them to share their favored offerings for a variety of use cases. That information, along with feedback from customers and experts on their team helped them identify finalists in each category. Singlewire then awarded top prizes for various categories. 

“We’re ecstatic about these awards. We’ve been working with Singlewire for a long time and we share the same goal of delivering high quality, well-made paging endpoints. Every environment is different, and every customer has different needs that influence their decision when it comes to ordering IP speakers. Singlewire has done a great job of highlighting some of those factors and differences in a simple and clear way, offering customers the information they need to make these critical decisions.”

Phil Lembo

CEO/President, CyberData


To learn more about CyberData’s award-winning InformaCast VoIP devices, please click here.

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