Grandstream’s GXP21xx Color-series Enterprise IP Phones, GXV32xx IP Video Phones for Android™ and HT-series of Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) have been tested and certified with ippi VoIP services

Internet Telephony Service Provider ippi has completed certification testing of GXP21xx (GXP2130, GXP2140, GXP2160) colour-series IP Phones and HT-series of ATAs (HT502, HT503, HT701, HT702, HT704) from Grandstream Networks. Customers worldwide using hosted or SIP-trunk VoIP services from ippi, including SMBs, enterprises and residential users can seamlessly install and confidently use any of the certified Grandstream IP phones or ATAs for making/receiving calls and managing on premise networks.

ippi is a leading VoIP service provider with one million users in 120 countries that offers a suite of VoIP service options that bring the benefits of VoIP to almost any device. Since 2007 the company provides a variety of VoIP services including SIP accounts or SIP trunks and individual or business SIP service that includes unlimited VoIP calls and voicemails. Various ippi VoIP offerings also include advanced features such as compatible softphone applications, unlimited calls to landline and mobile phones as well as web call back. The certification of Grandstream’s GXP-series of color screen IP phones and GXV32xx (GXV3240, GXV3275) IP Video Phones for Android offer ippi customers robust IP phones that natively support all of the VoIP options offered by ippi, while certification of Grandstream ATAs allows customers to preserve their investment in analog devices and add them to their VoIP network.

Grandstream Networks, the leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and IP surveillance solutions, offers a suite of innovative products and solutions that increase business productivity while lowering communication costs. The GXP21xx color series of Enterprise IP Phones, consisting of the GXP2130, GXP2140 and GXP2160, offer a seamless user experience with many of the features users are used to from mobile devices including a full color display and built-in Bluetooth (GXP2140/GXP2160). For business customers who want to preserve investment in analog devices and still take full advantage of IP, Grandstream’s HT50x and HT70x series of Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) are available that offer rich telephony functionality, compactness and unrivaled affordability.

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