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Combining H264 real-time video compression for analog video cameras, video decoding for displaying on TV, and voice/video public announcement systems (PAS), Grandstream is pleased to announce the new GXV3500 IP Video Encoder Decoder PAS for surveillance, security monitoring and facility management applications. Grandstream GXV3500 IP Video Decoder

In a single, compact device, the GXV3500 extends investment in existing analog video cameras by helping businesses to easily upgrade network applications to IP while delivering higher resolution digital imagery using less bandwidth and less hardware devices. This “3-in-1” device combines advanced single channel H264 real time video compression or decompression functions at up to D1 resolution and up to 30fps in a single box. It also offers two-way audio paging and video streaming using SIP/VoIP to receive and display live video anywhere in the world on mobile phones, TV, PC and video phones. The device can also be a voice and video PAS for a variety of facilities including office floors, lobbies, shopping malls, warehouses, and more.