2N Telecommunications have released a new set of features for their IP intercoms and access control units.

The updated firmware 2.26 will enable a unique touch mode for Bluetooth readers, a quick dial test button for even easier configuration of intercoms and more options when setting up the home screen on the touchscreen display of the 2N IP Verso.

Download the new firmware 2.26 for IP intercoms and access control units, here.

New features of 2N firmware 2.26

Another way to open doors with Bluetooth

With firmware version 2.26, all Bluetooth readers in intercoms and access control units are enhanced with Touch mode. This means users don’t have to have their mobile phone in their hand, but simply in their pocket or bag with the 2N® Mobile Key application. The door can then be simply unlocked by touching the reader.

An online test button to ensure quick dial buttons are calling the correct user

The new firmware enables a test button to be added to the intercom web interface for checking that quick dial buttons are properly configured, without having to physically go to the intercom. Users can now press the button directly from the web interface and immediately see whether the call has been set up properly. This works the same as if the quick dial button had been pressed directly on the intercom.

Control LED diodes on IP intercom readers even if integrated with third-party systems.

Even if integrated with third-party access control systems, the IP intercom reader can still signal an open door with a colour light and an unauthorised attempt at entry in red.  User just need to set up the product in the automation section. Instructions  on how to do this are in 2N’s Automation manual.

Flexible options for setting up the home screen of the touchscreen display

Customers now have more freedom when setting up the touchscreen for the 2N® IP Verso, such as using the whole display for an image or video.

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