Sangoma Vega 400 SBC Provides Secure and Seamless Interconnectivity Between IP Networks, VoIP Systems, and SIP Trunks

Sangoma have announced the release of its Sangoma Vega 400 SBC stand-alone Session Border Controller (SBC) appliance. The solution is designed to provide seamless connectivity between Voice over IP (VoIP) networks and SIP Trunking connections, while delivering security and policy enforcement to ensure call quality and reliability.

“Businesses of every size rely on VoIP  communications, and there is a growing demand among customers for cost-effective solutions that address the potential exposure of network vulnerabilities at inter-network junctures, such as connections to SIP trunking services,  The field-proven reliability and ease-of-use inherent in the Sangoma Vega Series extends to this new SBC device. It not only seamlessly and securely connects the business to the SIP trunking network, but also uses Vega’s popular “quick-config” feature, which greatly simplifies the entire installation process. said Simon Horton, director of product management for Sangoma. 

The market for enterprise session border controllers jumped 60% in 2011 and will grow significantly over the coming years as the adoption of SIP trunking continues to expand, “SBCs represent a sweet spot within the enterprise market because they fill a growing need for security, interoperability, and network border traversal.  expects Diane Myers, principal analyst for VoIP and IMS at Infonetics Research.

Located between disparate IP networks or systems, the SBC helps customers contain and control vulnerabilities that can be exploited in SIP-based networks to misappropriate or misuse VoIP resources and systems. The Vega 400 SBC provides encryption of media and signaling, as well as call access control, secure network logon and secure management interfaces. In addition to the security functions, the SBC provides a broad range of intermediation and core VoIP capabilities necessary to ensure proper call handling and call quality.

Supporting a wide range of audio codecs, the Sangoma Vega 400 SBC performs transcoding when necessary to facilitate call media handling. Key VoIP call quality measures and features enable the device to provide many VoIP gateway functions, such as adaptive jitter removal, comfort noise generation and silence suppression, QoS statistics reporting, and hardware-based echo cancellation.

The models which can be ordered include the Sangoma Vega 400 SBC: Session Border Controller – 12 Call SessionsSangoma Vega 400 SBC: Session Border Controller – 24 Call Sessions (VEGA-VS0156-024) ,  Sangoma Vega 400 SBC: Session Border Controller – 48 Call sessions (VEGA-VS0156-048) and the Sangoma Vega 400 SBC: Session Border Controller – 60 Call sessions (VEGA-VS0156-060).

Sangoma provides an industry-leading solution portfolio that enables the interworking of a wide variety of disparate TDM and IP networks, clouds, protocols, services, devices, and applications. Its portfolio includes award-winning voice and data boards, transcoding cards and gateway software, and standalone gateway appliances, designed for simple integration with open source and closed source IP PBX applications, Contact Centers, Unified Communications Systems and Service Provider Networks