Sangoma announced that it has commenced commercial shipments of its Sangoma A116E PCIe, 16 spans, no H/W Echo Cancellation and the Sangoma A116DE PCIe, 16 spans, with H/W Echo Cancellation . The A116 provides unmatched density of full duplex digital telephony spans in a single board delivering the highest density available in the industry.

We have seen tremendous interest from markets around the world, and have booked orders for our entire first production run in the two short weeks since announcing the A116, “Sangoma initially led the market with its 8-Span full-duplex board three years ago, and we are taking capacity to the next level with a 16-Span product while others are just now catching up to the 8-Span benchmark, said Doug Vilim, vice president of worldwide sales for Sangoma. 

Available in industry standard PCI express format, the A116 supports 16 individually selectable E1, T1 or J1 interfaces to handle up to 480 simultaneous voice calls. A wide array of protocols is supported for voice, such as T1, PRI, Euro-ISDN, MFC-R2 and Sangoma SS7. Many data protocols are also available, including ATM, frame relay, X.25, and HDLC. To enhance call quality with VoIP calls, optional hardware-based G.168 echo cancellation is available to minimize the load on the host processor created when echo cancellation is implemented as a purely software function.

The new 16-Span card reinforces our commitment to deliver unparalleled innovation to the marketplace,” said Nenad Corbic, Sangoma’s vice president of engineering. “Sangoma has already released 10 new products this year, including an SS7 gateway, a transcoding appliance, Session Border Controllers (SBC), and SMB-focused IP-TDM gateways. The A116 board continues our focus on creating technologies that deliver tremendous flexibility and value for customers.”

Full support is available for both Asterisk and FreeSWITCH as well as many other open-source platforms, and for all major proprietary PBX, IVR and general VoIP solutions. Windows and Linux operating systems are both fully supported, giving developers the ability to offer the most appropriate solution for the end user. A rack-mountable breakout panel is also available for installations in telco-grade racking systems.