Snom Technology AG endorses the revamped ITSPA Quality Mark

Snom endorses the IT Service Providers Association (ITSPA) revamped Quality Mark Award and encourages all ITSP members of ITSPA to apply.

The new Award now has the following criteria:

  • Adherence to the ITSPA Code of Practice and Best Practice Guidance documents
  • Evidence that their platform design is resilient and that they deliver a reliable service, which will be measured by ITSPA as 99.99% availability between 8am & 8pm Monday-Friday, using the VoIP Spear monitoring platform
  • Transparent porting arrangements
  • Active fraud control measures
  • Evidence of access to the emergency services
  • Easy to find information on complaints & dispute resolution
  • Policies in place for Nuisance Calls & CLI Presentation
  • Evidence of Data Protection & Retention Compliance
  • Evidence of their Single Point of Contact showing that there is an easy way to contact the member with issues arising

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