Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is revolutionising communications, and hospitals all around the country are getting on board. VoIP transforms the way the medical industry stays connected, from full-fledged hospitals to small clinics and health care offices. These VoIP Solutions are offered by brands such as Fanvil, Sangoma and Yealink.


Here are some reasons why medical institutions are switching to VoIP:
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Cost Savings

The running costs of a hospital are significant, which is why medical institutions are always looking to lower their budgets. A VoIP system is a cost-effective solution as it enables the hospital to use their network for both internal and long-distance calls, saving on the minute-to-minute charges of a traditional landline. VoIP Phone savings can be up to 70%!

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Long Distance Efficiency

Hospitals and clinics can use the cloud to make calls and even video conference instead of paying long distance charges to the phone provider. This not only saves money, but it also enables easy communication with other specialists across the country with crystal clear calling and video conferencing, less prone to interference.

CRM Integration

CRM Integrations

If you have practice management software, a CRM or some other patient software, this can often be integrated with your VoIP system, so when a patient calls in, specific account information can be displayed with notes, previous appointment details, demographic information and more, leading to a more efficient, connected ecosystem.

VoIP Connectivity

Prioritised Calling

With prioritised calling over the VoIP system, when a patient is experiencing a medical emergency or has a query about a future payment, the VoIP provider can evaluate the call’s urgency using automated questions. As a result, the call-receiving procedure using an VoIP phone or VoIP headset is more efficient and the call list can be easily sorted by urgency.

Doctors discussing patient file

Patient Registration/Billing

Every day, hospitals receive hundreds of calls, making patient registration a difficult task. With a VoIP service, hospitals can collect several patient calls at once and sort them by priority. VoIP can also be used to collect payments, as patients can be quickly identified and displayed on the VoIP Phone‘s screen from their name and account information, allowing them to pay their balances over the phone quickly and easily.

Seamless connectivity

Seamless Integration

Hospitals don’t have a lot of downtime when it comes to integrating new technologies. As VoIP systems are installed through existing computer networks, they are quick and easy to set up, and as VoIP is internet-based, the hospital or clinic will already have the necessary technology in place. This means minimal downtime during installation and no disruptive processes such as running wires or installing bulky equipment.

To view a recent case study, view our blog on Fanvil’s VoIP Integration in a Hospital.

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