Grandstream Networks has been manufacturing award-winning IP voice and video telephony, video conferencing, and video surveillance products since 2002. Grandstream IP solutions are cost-effective and designed for a range of requirements.  They provide reliable and high-quality communication solutions for small-medium businesses and enterprise markets enhancing security and productivity.

Hotels rely heavily upon their communications between reservations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance. management, and hotel guests. Connecting these users and meeting their unique communication has proven easier with Grandstream.

Operations and Security

Creating an environment where hotel data, communications, staff, and guests are safe is critical for any hotel’s operations. Implementing safety practices with the right tools in place, monitoring the business’s physical and virtual security system can be easily set up with centralised management solutions that can be configured for any size hotel.

UCM6300 Series: Any hotel needs a powerful unified communications and collaboration solution to centralise their communications. The UCM6300 Series provides an ecosystem of mobility, security, video, collaboration tools and includes support for call center suite, PMS integration, customer billing, and more.

GSC3600 Series: The GSC Series of weatherproof HD IP cameras with infrared technology can be used to monitor indoor and outdoor placements allowing hotels to easily set up, deploy and manage these cameras to offer a proactive security system and provide any hotel or resort with a safe environment.

GXV3350: This desktop video phone can integrate with Grandstream’s security cameras and facility access systems, allowing the front desk or security staff to monitor the hotel grounds. The GXV3350 is compatible with the GBX20 extension module for increased call control efficiency with an additional 20 lines, allowing for emergency contacts to be notified in a matter of seconds.

WP820: Grandstream’s WP820 cordless WiFi phone has up to 7.5 hours of talk time, allowing for a full shift of work without having to recharge. The push-to-talk feature works best for instantaneous communication and by using the property WiFi, any security or maintenance team can roam cord-free without missing a call.

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The reservations department is a crucial element in the hospitality industry. Agents are frequently handling large call volumes and managing guest account so the right telephony equipment needs to be provided in order to connect with guests.

IP Phones: The GRP2612 would work best for this department as it allows up to 8 lines, 4 SIP accounts, 32-speed dial keys, and is supported by Bluetooth to allow for a headset.

Wave: Any hotel’s call center agents can utilise their desktop /laptop computers, tablets, and smart devices to utilise the wave application which provides remote access to voice and video collaboration tools. When used the UCM6300 series of IP PBX agents can access a variety of call center features including call detail records, call queues, and support for CRM solutions.

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Front Desk

Grandstream can benefit those working at the front desk, by providing the right technology to manage check-in and check-outs, room service requests, wake-up calls, area recommendations, etc. Communication is the key to working enable a smoother operation.

GRP2634: The GRP2634 is an 8-line professional carrier-grade IP Phone with paper BLF, integrated PoE, and WiFi. It is a streamlined and easy-to-use device with the option to connect up to 4 GBX20 extension modules for an additional 160 extensions that can be used for communication between any guest’s room and the front desk.

GSC3500: The GSC3500 Series of intercom speaker/microphone and public address systems allow hotels to seamlessly create intercom and paging solutions to make announcements, page staff and guests, stream music in common areas, and more.

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Amenities and Public Space

Hotels typically want their properties to deliver an experience where guests can enjoy all the offered accommodations at ease. This includes implementing modern technology and accessibility for any common space for guests to enjoy their wireless devices whether it’s an indoor/outdoor pool, gym, restaurant, bar, spa, lobby, or conference area.

GWN7630LR: Hotels can benefit from an outdoor WiFi access point that is designed to cover up to 300 meters and 200+ client devices. With waterproof casing and heat-resistant technology, guests and hotel staff can move about freely while on the hotel grounds whilst also still being connected to the WiFi.

GVC3220: For Hotels that hold large conferences, the GVC3220 is a reliable and affordable video conferencing solution to record and host any meeting or speaker. Increase hotel conferencing collaboration by engaging face-to-face communication, regardless of location. It comes equipped with the GMS1208 desktop wireless microphone to enhance audio quality and provide full room coverage for up to a 26ft pickup range.

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Guest Rooms

Grandstream has the right technology to meet the demands of today’s travelers. Guests will want direct access to reliable WiFi and an easy-to-use tool to get in touch with the hotel. Adding an IP phone in each room with dedicated buttons to connect to different areas of the hotel such as the front desk, concierge, or onsite dining ensures guests are able to communicate with the hotel easily.

GWN7602: The GWN7602 WiFi access point offers a 100-meter range and includes ethernet while also proving an uplink Gigabit network port with PoE/PoE+ to hotel and guest devices while providing easy connectivity to a reliable network.

GRP2604: The GRP2604 are essential IP phones designed for mass deployment. They are streamlined and easy-to-use devices that are perfect for hotel guests’ rooms as they can be configured with automatic extensions to different hotel departments such as room service, front desk, housekeeping, and reservations.

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Featured Products

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Essential IP Phone


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Video Conferencing System


Grandstream GWN7605LR

Outdoor Access Point


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