VoIPon Solutions attended CeBit 2015 and spoke to all the top manufacturers on show.

In this interview, Alexis Argent speaks to 3CX about WebRTC, 3CX Cloud Server and more.

Alexis Argent, VoIPon Solutions: Hello, my name is Alexis Argent, I’m the Founder of VoIPon Solutions, a distributor based out of the UK. I’m here at CeBIT 2015, Europe’s largest technology show. I’m actually happy to be joined Nick Galea who’s the founder and CEO of 3CX. Nick, how are you finding the show?

Nick Galea, 3CX: Well it’s very good so far. CeBIT is always a great show for meeting other strategic partners and of course our best resellers. So, the first day has been quite good.

VoIPon: So far so good. We understand that 3CX have been pioneering the WebRTC technology. Perhaps you can tell us a little bit about that?

3CX: Yeah, so WebRTC of course is pretty much a game changer for the telecoms business, it’s going to change the way we make phone calls. We have one of the first PBXs with integrated WebRTC at the core of our product so that now you can make inbound calls using WebRTC. Either if you have, let’s say a website, you can have your customers call in with click-to-call, but also you could publish links on your email that anybody can call in with WebRTC to anybody within the company. The good thing is that you don’t need the ID numbers, but most importantly you can add video to any communication which basically makes it much easier for salespeople to sell so they can be more productive. So that’s how we’ve integrated WebRTC, and we also have a web meeting product, video conferencing which is plugin-free because of WebRTC so it’s very easy to get participants into a conference – they don’t need to install any plugins, it’s integrated with our phone system, no additional licensing and that’s differentiating our video conferencing from other video conferencing solutions.

VoIPon: Well we’re a big fan of WebRTC and think that technology is going to go a lot further so it’s good to hear that 3CX are moving in that direction. How do you see the market moving with Cloud-Based technologies? In the UK we’ve got fibre-to-the-cabinet and there’s more high quality availability of Internet with better quality of service et cetera. More people are bypassing the traditional PSTN with boxes and their using more Cloud-Based products. How’s 3CX getting involved in that movement?

3CX: 3CX, of course, being a software based solution was always ideally suited for on-premise or private cloud because that’s also very important. We are always in that market, but now we’re also going to launch a cloud server which makes it very easy for many service providers to host 3CX for many customers so they could have, let’s say one or more servers, and they could host on each server 50 tenants. What’s going to make our solution unique is that each tenant is going to be completely separated from a data perspective, but also functionality so that you get hosted but without the disadvantages of traditional host systems which are sometimes unreliable or have few features because they have to share one computer with many tenants. This product should be coming out over the next month or so and I think, again, that there will be a lot of uptake of the product for many service providers and also hosters.

VoIPon: I guess last but not least, can you tell us about any new and up and coming products that perhaps we haven’t covered yet?

3CX: I’d say this cloud server, this thing that we are working on pretty intensively at the moment and that’s going to be the big news that we’ll have in about a month’s time. So, 3CX Cloud Server.

VoIPon: Excellent, well it’s been great for you to join me. Thanks very much for the interview. Many thanks, cheers Nick.

3CX: Thank you very much for time, thank you.

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