VoIPon Solutions attended CeBit 2015 and spoke to all the top manufacturers on show.

In this interview, Alexis Argent speaks to snom about Management changes, product refreshes and more.

Alexis Argent, VoIPon Solutions: Hello my name is Alexis Argent, the founder of VoIPon, we’re a distributor out of the United Kingdom of VoIP products. We’re here at Cebit 2015, I’m joined with Nadahl who is the new CEO of snom. Its great to be here. How are you finding the show?

Nadahl Shocair, snom: Very very good, its a great show at snom here, there’s a lot of people coming to visit our booth and we’re very pleased about that.

VoIPon: We understand there’s been a management shake-up at snom. Can you please tell us a little more about that?

snom: It’s not a shake-up, just a change, so we’ve had a new change in ownership – basically the majority ownership is now owned by private equity and therefore with that comes new management and I’m part of that new management.

VoIPon: Oh excellent, that’s great, can you tell us about any new products that are coming to the market. We understand snom have been around since the infancy of Voice over Internet Protocol and have manufactured some very high quality VoIP Phone products such as the snom 760 and UC600. Both ergonomically and more importantly from a software point of view, you’ve led the market arguably. Is there any new stuff coming out from snom that you can share with our viewers?

snom: Yes I mean what we believe in is evolution of the products so we’ve done is we’re refresh the existing lines of products that are very very successful. The customers like them so we see don’t see any need to change the form factors although we may change the covers and things like that. However the technology in those phones has changed quite a lot – new software releases, new hardware, new electronic hardware, new chipsets, so the phones are actually much more efficient than they ever have been. So we’re going to stick with what we have, we know that it’s a winner and our customers also agree with that.

VoIPon: That’s fantastic, perhaps we can touch upon Microsoft Lync, obviously there’s been various takeup of it for e.g OCS, I think perhaps they’ll be changing their name to something else now. snom have been developing Lync products for quite some time. Can you tell our audience a little bit more about Lync?

snom: I mean again, Lync is evolving as well. Lync is becoming Skype for business right now so we’re still working with Microsoft, wer’re actually present at Cebit with Microsoft and we will continue to support that. We’ve already done a lot of work with Lync or with Skype for Business and we will continue to do that in the foreseeable future.

VoIPon: Well Thanks very much for your time, its been a pleasure.

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