Yeastar, specialists in VoIP Gateways and IP PBX systems, have released a new version of the Yeastar TA1610 VoIP Gateway.

Updated with a new hardware design and added support for remote management, the new version of the TA1610 FXO VoIP Gateway will continue to serve as a reliable assistant for small-and-medium-sized enterprises looking to integrate their traditional phone systems into IP-based ones.


  • 1 WAN port added on the front panel.
  • Reset button, power indicator, and network port relocated to the front panel.
  • URAT interface (for debugging the system) integrated into the inside of the enclosure.



  • Remote management is now supported for instant and secure technical support.

Yeastar Remote Management is a centralized management platform that allows easy management and configuration of Yeastar devices remotely. Now Yeastar TA1610 FXO VoIP Gateway can be securely monitored and managed from one single platform. And the user can receive alarms of any unusual events and take actions accordingly.

Discover more information about Yeastar Remote Management, here.


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