Yeastar announce that a new firmware version for S-Series VoIP PBX (v30.14.0.16) has been released!

On the chase for the greater usability, this update introduces the brand-new Hot Desking, Scheduled Paging features, supports Enhanced Emergency Calls, and includes a jam-packed of security improvements to better protect your system from malicious attacks – with more options to control device access, international dialing, etc.

New features and optimisation

Hot Desking

Supported PBX Models: S50, S100, S300 Share desk spaces and devices with your co-workers on revolving shifts! Yeastar PBX system Hot Desking feature allows you to log in to a shared desk phone and use it like your own – with the access to personal extension account, voicemails, contacts, and other settings. Your extension is whatever phone you’re currently logged into. With the hot desking feature, you will be able to:

  • Quickly login/logout your extension to any shared desk phone with feature code.
  • Make and receive calls with your extension’s caller ID, routing strategy, etc.;
  • Automate the logout of your extension from shared desk phone with flexible time schedule;
  • Synchronise the logout of associated queues when an agent logs out a shared desk phone.
  • Create a flexible working environment by allowing employees with flexible schedules, remote workers, and those traveling on business to use shared desk phones while sitting at desk.

For more details about the Hot Desking feature and its configuration, please refer to the feature guide here: for S-Series VoIP PBX.

Scheduled Paging/Intercom

Supported PBX Models: S50, S100, S300 Set a time schedule and auto-start your broadcast! The Scheduled Paging/Intercom feature is a perfect tool for schools, warehouses, and other facilities that require routine notifications set in advance in addition to the real-time paging/intercom. With it, you will be able to:

  • Set recurring paging to auto-broadcast your custom prompt or notification at specific time and days of week. For instance, a school may want to set up a bell schedule for class breaks at every school day.
  • Schedule one-time or recurring paging/intercom and let the system call you at the defined date and time, so you can pick up the phone to make a real-time broadcast. You can also set up to autoplay a custom prompt before you start the paging or intercom.

For more details about the feature and its configuration, please refer to the feature guide here: for S-Series VoIP PBX.

Enhanced Emergency Calls

Supported PBX Models: S-Series VoIP PBX

In addition to the basic emergency dialing, Yeastar PBX system now has added the support for Enhanced Emergency Calls, such as E911 in the United States, to ensure that the emergency calls are managed properly in your telephony network while following the local ordinances and regulations. With the added support, when receiving an enhanced emergency call from the PBX, the PSAP (Public Service Answering Point) can immediately pinpoint the caller’s location based on the calling number.

For more details about the feature and its configuration, please refer to the feature guide here: for S-Series VoIP PBX.

Security Enhancement

Supported PBX Models:  S-Series VoIP PBX

  • Added default firewall rules for the local network, which ensure that the local devices can access the PBX.
  • Added support for Web Access Control and Allowed Country IPs: you will be able to restrict users from accessing the PBX web interface with specific allowed IP addresses and restrict IP addresses originating from specific countries or regions to access the PBX.
  • Added support for Allowed Country Codes: you will be able to restrict users from making international calls to specific countries and regions, which helps to further protect your system from toll fraud.
  • Added support for changing the SSL/TLS version used on the system.
  • Enhanced SSH security.

Other Optimisation and Bug Fixes

  • Added the Max Call Duration settings to restrict the maximum call duration when users place outbound calls through the outbound route.
  • API: Added support for Linkus-related API interfaces and more.
  • Added support for setting a Yealink phone as a hot-desking phone by Auto Provisioning.
  • Added support for searching outbound/inbound routes.

Besides what has been mentioned above, there is also a packed of bug fixes on SIP Trunk, IVR, Conference, Voicemail, Queue, Call Forwarding, Event Center, etc. Please refer to the release note for more details.

Release note: S-Series VoIP PBX

How to Upgrade

You can check for the new upgrade in your S-Series VoIP PBX web interface.


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