3CX has announced that it has acquired LazyDroid, a popular remote desktop application for Android which makes it easier for users to access their files, documents, photos, camera, and allows them to make calls, text messages and view the system logs of the device directly from within their web browser. 3CX has rebranded LazyDroid to 3CX Remote Android Desktop and made the app completely free of charge. The Remote Android Desktop is a free Android application that allows users to control their Android device from their browsers.

3CX produce the IP PBX software based Phone System. 3CX IP PBX has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows and is based on the SIP standard making it easier to manage and allowing you to use any SIP phone (software or hardware).

The acquisition of LazyDroid allows us to add key mobile device management features to 3CX Mobile Device Manager and leapfrog the competition”, said Nick Galea, 3CX CEO. “3CX Remote Android Desktop provides an easy way for users to control their Android phone. We plan to integrate 3CX Remote Android Desktop’s technology into 3CX Mobile Device Manager to allow administrators to easily control any connected Android device.”

3CX Remote Android Desktop features include:

  • File Management: Organize all files such as important corporate documents, photos, videos, and messages.
  • Wireless File Transfer – Drag-and-drop files to and from your device via web browser.
  • Remote Control – View a rooted Android device in real-time within your desktop.
  • SMS Management: Send and receive text messages from the comfort of your desktop.
  • Remote Camera – Stream the devices camera.
  • Personal Web Server – Host web pages directly from an Android device.
  • Access Device Logs – Troubleshoot any errors that appear on the device.
  • Clipboard – The user can copy and paste text from their device to the desktop and vice versa
  • Shell Access – IT administrators can take full control of the rooted devices shell.

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