The modern workplace embraces collaboration away from our desks, made possible by WiFi and DECT wireless IP phone solutions.

There is a vast choice of WiFi and DECT mobility solutions available to allow workers to stay connected and productive, no matter what they are doing and where they are.

However, a DECT phone and a WiFi phone are two different technologies and both have their unique advantages.

So, which is best for your business environment?

DECT IP phones

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, the technology that allows the phone to link to its base without any wires.

DECT phones use a base station that connects to the phone service to send/receive phone calls. Designed for voice, DECT operates on its own isolated frequency, meaning voice quality only suffers if you leave the range of the base station. Although, you can extend your range by adding signal repeaters and multi-cell systems.

DECT phones

DECT phone highlights

  • Specifically designed for voice
  • Operates on its own frequency
  • Little interference or background noise
  • Functions on a closed system for optimum security

 DECT IP phones are ideal for small to medium-sized office and retail environments as well as residential networks.

Featured DECT solutions

Yealink W60 DECT IP Phone Package

Yealink W60
DECT IP Phone Package

  • Includes W56H Handset & W60B Base Station
  • Up to 30-hour talk time
  • Up to 400-hour standby time
  • Supports up to 8 concurrent calls and 8 DECT cordless handsets
Grandstream DP730 DECT Cordless HD IP Phone

Grandstream DP730
DECT Cordless HD IP Phone

  • Up to 10 SIP accounts per system
  • 3-way audio conferencing
  • Dedicated Push-toTalk button
  • Supports 400 meter outdoors range and 50 meter indoor range with the DP752 base station

Wireless IP phones (WiFi phones)

WiFi VoIP phones use “WLAN” to create cordless communication connections. 

WiFi phones do not require base stations or any additional hardware as they connect to an existing WiFi network by picking up a wireless signal directly to the device from a router. 

This can actually make WiFi phones cheaper and easier to implement overall.

Wireless IP phones

WiFi phone highlights

  • Long range
  • Pairs with existing WiFi network
  • Easy installation
  • Add as many phones as you want

 WiFi phones are designed to suit a variety of enterprises and vertical markets where roaming free while making and receiving calls is a necessity. Typical scenarios include retail, logistics, medical and security.

Featured WiFi phone solutions

Unidata INCOMINC ICW-1000G WiFi Phone

WiFi IP Phone

  • Long lasting battery
  • L2-L3 quick roaming
  • Simultaneous bell and vibration effects
  • Polyphonic MIDI Ring / Vibration ringer
Grandstream WP820

Grandstream WP820
Enterprise Portable WiFi Phone

  • Dual-band WiFi with advanced roaming support
  • Bluetooth for syncing headsets and mobile devices
  • HD voice and noise shield technology
  • 7.5 hour talk time, 150-hours standby


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