Sagnoma Vega 400 SBC Appliance Delivers Cost-Effective and Seamless Interconnectivity Between IP Networks, VoIP Systems, and SIP Trunks

Sangoma have announced that commercial shipments of its highly-anticipated Sangoma Vega 400 SBC standalone Session Border Controller (SBC) appliance commenced today. The solution is designed to provide seamless connectivity between Voice over IP (VoIP) networks and SIP Trunking connections, while delivering security and policy enforcement to ensure call quality and reliability.

The Sanoma Vega 400 SBC squarely addresses the need for SIP Trunking and IP network interconnectivity that is becoming increasingly critical to the fundamental security and operation of business communications networks, It is designed to be a cost-effective, reliable solution for customers that must contend with the policy and security issues that routinely come up when integrating disparate IP infrastructures. The appliance supports from 12 to 60 simultaneous SIP sessions, making the Vega 400 SBC an excellent fit for any deployment.” said Simon Horton, director of product management for Sangoma.

Bridging the gap between disparate IP networks or systems, the Vega 400 SBC provides encryption of media and signaling, as well as call access control, secure network logon and secure management interfaces. In addition to its security functions, the SBC provides a broad range of intermediation and core VoIP capabilities necessary to ensure proper call handling and call quality. This includes a wide array of audio codecs, and the capacity to perform real-time transcoding when necessary to facilitate call media handling. Key VoIP call quality measures and features enable the device to provide many VoIP gateway functions, such as adaptive jitter removal, comfort noise generation and silence suppression, QoS statistics reporting and hardware-based echo cancellation. In addition, Sangoma offers customers a lifetime guarantee on Vega 400 SBC appliances, further enhancing the value of this offering.

The Vega 400 SBC is just one of eight new products launched already this fiscal year, and we aren’t slowing down a bit, Sangoma’s strategy to expand its portfolio of solutions to address the real business needs of today’s telecom customers has yielded unprecedented successes in recent quarters as evidenced by our recent reporting of all-time record revenue in the 3rd fiscal quarter ending March 31. Sangoma’s proven expertise in engineering and innovation, and the responsiveness and nimbleness demonstrated through rapidly launching solutions that address real business challenges facing companies in these tough economic times, are coming together to fuel continued growth for Sangoma and tangible solutions for our customers,  said William Wignall, Sangoma president and chief executive officer.