Yealink, a global provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, has announced the release of the flagship Smart Video Phone VP59 and Collaboration Touch Panel CTP20.

Yealink have also upgraded VC (video conferencing) products to the latest video conferencing room system, V40, providing customers with the ultimate conference collaboration experience.

These new additions to the Yealink VC portfolio, use leading technology that enables users to share content and discuss freely in a video conference to achieve efficient output.

Yealink VP59 smart video phone

Yealink VP59 is a dedicated smart video phone to meet the communication needs of executives and teleworkers. Highlights include an advanced 84˚ HD front camera, which enables a broad and clear view when conferencing.

When matched with Yealink’s WPP20 wireless presentation pod, VP59 accommodates the need of wireless content sharing by simply one tap, delivering the most convenient desktop conferencing experience. VP59 can also connect to a PC monitor or TV for screen extension with one HDMI cable, easily transforming a desktop meeting into a huddle room.

Yealink CTP20 Collaboration Touch Panel

Yealink CTP20 is a collaborative touch panel that can be paired with Yealink’s new generation video conference solutions. Its user-centered interactive design allows users to control meetings effortlessly. The built-in annotation and whiteboard significantly improves meeting efficiency by enabling easy annotation on shared content and immediate discussion on the whiteboard. The model’s industry-leading 13.3-inch touch screen and active capacitive pen, enables a realistic writing environment on the CPP20 where customers can focus purely on the communication.


Check out the full range of Yealink products below! If you have any specific requirements, please contact our technical sales team on +44 330 088 0195.

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